5 Awesome WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

Many of us are using WhatsApp from a long time ago but still WhatsApp includes many features from which we are unaware. Herein, we are going to discuss some those features which will make WhatsApp usage more beneficial and versatile for you than previously. You should go ahead and download WhatsApp Plus


Seen: WhatsApp included a feature that notifies the user when the message sent by the user is sent to the other person is sent, delivered and seen. Every message you send to another user, WhatsApp notifies you, which message of yours is sent, delivered and seen. If your message is sent then you see a single tick in grey color which turns into double tick of grey color when the message is delivered and the same double ticks turn blue in color if your message has been read by the other user.

Number Change: If you want to change your WhatsApp number then it can be done very easily. You just need to use the “Change Number” feature of WhatsApp. For doing so. Go to your Account then opt for change number and enter the old phone number then enter the new phone number and finally tap on “done”. This simple procedure will change your contact number.


Creating Shortcut to conversation: Like the messenger app if you want to create a short cut for someone’s conversation then it is also possible with WhatsApp. Just tap and hold on the personals or the group chat icon with which you want to create shortcut, now a pop up window will be displayed having multiple options and amongst the options you’ll see “Add Conversation Shortcut”. Now just tap on the option, and your shortcut will be created.

Sending Public Message Privately: In a group chat you can also send any of your private message to someone publically without acknowledging the others about the message. For doing so, tap on the broadcast list which is being displayed on the top left hand corner of your WhatsApp chat windows and just below the search bar. Now create the list from that broadcast list to which you want to send the message.

Backup & Restore WhatsApp Chats: lost some important chat? No worries at all! You can have backup of your WhatsApp chat. You have to just follow the path “Settings>>Chat Settings” and tap on the backup conversation for the chat backup. Now copy the file manager in the media folders at location “sdcard/WhatsApp/Media” and tap on the restore option to restore your previous WhatsApp chat to view in the history chat.

Note: iPhone or iOS users have to follow the separate path i.e. “Settings>>Chat Settings>>chat Backup” and now tap on “Back up Now”.

All of the above mentioned tricks and things are mentioned for you so that you can have more fun while using WhatsApp.